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德国哲学家黑格尔说过,假如没有热爱,世界上一切伟大的事业都不会成功。热爱,反映一个人的政治觉悟,体现一个人的思想境界,是干事创业最具活力的 “因子”。选择了一个职业,就选择了一种生活方式。

German philosopher Hegel said that without love,all great undertakings in the world would not succeed.love,reflecting a person's political consciousness,reflecting a person's ideological realm,is the most dynamic "factor"for the undertaking.Choose a career,choose a way of life.



Talents are boiled out,skills are forced out.

有人常讲,人生有“四宝”:做人、做事、吃苦、吃亏。做人是一种艺术,做事是一种享受,吃苦是一种财富,吃亏是一种福气。 吃苦才能不吃亏,不吃苦必然要吃亏;苦熬没有头,苦干有奔头。华罗庚讲,勤能补拙是良训,一份辛苦一份才。勤劳是人生的不动产,苦累是一所大学校。要自觉把苦累作为砥砺自己的“磨刀石”,在挥洒青春、热血和汗水中不断前行。

Some people often say that there are four treasures in life: being a man,doing things,suffering hardships and losing money. Being a man is an art,doing things is a kind of enjoyment, suffering is a kind of wealth,and losing is a kind of luck.Only by suffering can we not suffer losses,but by not suffering,we must suffer losses;there is no head for suffering,but there is a head for hard work.Hua Luogeng said that diligence is a good lesson,a hard job.Diligence is the real estate of life,and hardship is a university.We should consciously regard hardship as the"grindstone"to sharpen ourselves,and keep moving forward in spraying youth,blood and sweat.sweat.




It is better to seek one's own self than to seek one's own education.


Now there are two phenomena in the workplace:the higher the position,the older the age,the older the age,the lazier the study,more and more work by experience and feeling.One is that the more people read,the less they know;the less people read,the more they know.If you don't charge today,you'll stand aside in the future;if you don't study hard today,you won't be able to work hard tomorrow;if you don't fear a low level,you'll be afraid not to study;if you read less,you'll have more courage and less courage.We need to learn as much as we charge our mobile phones.




In an impetuous society,a quiet mind wins.



Workplace life is mostly accompanied by dullness and loneliness.You should be calm and indifferent to fame and wealth.Especially when you see some units showing up in the spotlight, when you see people chasing fame and gaining profits,you should hold on to yourself and be willing to be lonely,hard-working and self-consciously dedicated.You should be a never-rusting"screw"andfirmly nailed to your position.




Accept what cannot be changed,and change what can be changed.



When you achieve achievements and honors,don't be complacent and forgetful;when you encounter failures and setbacks,you should summon up courage and dare to face them,always be indifferent when you are proud,calm when you are diasppointed,and always keep full enthusiasm for your work,As a philosopher said,you can't change the environment,but you can change yourself;you can't change the facts,but you can change the attitude;you can't change the past,but you can change the present.



Professional services international and domestic star-rated hotel overall metal design product consultation, program optimization, production deepening, processing and installation.


Professional service landscape, art, display metal sculpture consultation, program optimization, production deepening, processing and installation.


The overall solution and system implementer of professional service metal high-end products.

广东东方彩票智造科技有限公司是一家设计开发、制造、销售、现场安装服务于一体的金属整体解决方案公司。本公司工厂占地面积约5000平方米,拥有电脑辅助软件,先进的机械设备、把产品、工艺性能设计、切割、焊接、成型等服务制造出高档金属制品。通过分解和制造过程中与专业团队的合作,我们为客户提供了更好的产品体验、完整的服务体系和最佳的解决方案。我们与世界顶尖的设计公司HBA、CCD & UAP 以及世界著名的酒店,(威斯汀、喜来登、希尔顿 & 四季)的长期合作。
Guangdong Zhongchuang Intellectually manufacturing Technology Co.,Ltd.is a metal solution company which integrates design, development, manufacturing, sales, on-site installation and service. The company's factory covers an area of about 5000 square meters, with computer-aided software, advanced mechanical equipment, product, process performance design, cutting, welding, forming and other services to produce high-grade metal products. Through the cooperation with professional teams in the process of decomposition and manufacturing, we provide customers with better product experience, complete service system and the best solution. We work with the world's top design companies HBA, CCD & UAP and world-famous hotels (Westin, Sheraton, Hilton & Four Seasons)Long term cooperation.




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